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时间:2022-05-22 00:22
本文摘要:Fishermen in China got a shock when they recently spotted a mystery creature in the water.中国渔民最近在海域中找到一只谜样生物,被它吓坏。


Fishermen in China got a shock when they recently spotted a mystery creature in the water.中国渔民最近在海域中找到一只谜样生物,被它吓坏。There has been much confusion about what the animal could have been with some suggesting it may have been a dolphin or a sturgeon, the Peoples Daily Online reports.据《人民日报》在线报导,人们对这只动物可能会是什么具有众多的猜测,一些人明确提出它有可能是一只海豚或是一只鲟鱼。The men were in waters near Zhoushan in eastern China when they spotted the creature.男子找到这个生物的时候,他们正在中国东部舟山市附近的海域。Pictures emerged from the Chinese media show the mysterious creature seems to have a long beak like a crocodiles and grey skin like a dolphins.中国媒体获取的图片表明这只谜样生物或许像鳄鱼一样有很长的喙,又像海豚一样具有灰色的皮肤。

It also appears to have two growths near the end of the beak-like mouth.在它那张像喙的嘴的末端或许还有两个赘生物。The fishermen say that they have never seen the animal before in the waters.渔夫回应他们以前未曾在海中看到这种动物。

Chinas Naturalist magazine said that it looks like a beaked whale. This type of whale lives deep in the sea and is usually difficult to see.中国大自然杂志认为,它看上去像一只有喙的鲸。这种鲸生活在深海中,一般来说很难看到。This type of whale is notable for its elongated beak. It dives deeper than 500 metres for food.这种鲸因其瘦长的喙而著称。

它需要藏身深度多达500米的海中找寻食物。Dr Stephen D. Simpson, a senior lecturer in Marine Biology and Global Change University of Exeter, told Mail Online: This looks to be a male beaked whale of the species Mesoplodon densirostris.埃克塞特大学讲授海洋生物和全球变化的一位高级讲师Stephen D. Simpson博士向每日邮报认为:“这看起来看起来柏氏中喙鲸中的一只有喙的雄鲸。”The two growths are actually upward facing teeth, which, believe it or not, are used to attract females!“这两个赘生物实质上是面部上方的牙齿,不管你信不信,它们是用来更有雌性的!”The mysterious creature has gained a lot of attention online with the news story on gaining over 69,000 comments.这只谜样生物引发了网民的很大注目,上的新闻报道接到了69000多条评论。One user said: Id like to know what happened to the fish. Did it get eaten or was it released back into the wild.一名用户回应:“我想要告诉这只鱼怎么样了?它被吃了还是被喂食了?While another user wrote: Maybe the fish grew up drinking Chinese baby formula.另一位用户写到:“或许这只鱼是喝着中国婴儿奶粉长大的”。