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时间:2021-12-28 00:22
本文摘要:Apples 2019 iPhone could have the ability to give its battery power to other phones, according to a new leak.据最新消息透漏,苹果公司2019年发售的新款苹果手机可以为其他手机电池。


Apples 2019 iPhone could have the ability to give its battery power to other phones, according to a new leak.据最新消息透漏,苹果公司2019年发售的新款苹果手机可以为其他手机电池。The new handsets – perhaps called the iPhone 11 – might be able to turn themselves into wireless chargers, allowing them to give spare battery to other phones, according to rumours.据说,可能会被称作iPhone 11的新款手机或许能变为无线充电器,匀出多余电量来为其他手机电池。


The phones will keep the Lightning cables they have been powered up with for years, allowing owners to keep their existing accessories despite continuing rumours Apple could one day move to using USB-C.虽然大大有传言称之为苹果公司有朝一日不会把其闪充数据线替换成C型数据线,但这款新手机不会之后保有多年来借以给苹果手机电池的闪充数据线,使苹果用户可以之后保有他们现有的配件。The feature would not be entirely new: the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is already able to pass its battery to other phones, with a feature that the company calls reverse wireless charging.这项功能并不是全新的:华为Mate 20 Pro早已可以为其他手机电池了,华为公司还称之为这项功能为“偏移无线充电”。And Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a similar feature in its upcoming S10 smartphone, meaning that Apples rival could beat it to market when the phone is released later this month.而且据说三星公司也在为其将要发售的S10智能手机研发类似于的功能,这意味著当苹果公司于本月晚些时候公布这款新手机的时候,苹果公司的竞争对手可能会在市场上打败它。

As well as the charging rumour, the biggest new feature is said to be a triple-lens camera, which is endorsed by the new report and has been widely rumoured. That will allow the phone to include a wide, telephoto and ultra-wide lens system, the new report claims.除了有关电池的传言,据传这款手机仅次于的新功能是一个三镜头的照相机,这项功能在新的报告中有所反映,而且这也是一个流传很广的众说纷纭了。新的报告认为,这项功能将使手机享有一个可远距离摄影的超强广角镜头系统。