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柔性手机大幕初开 三星公开可伸缩显示屏

时间:2022-01-25 00:22
本文摘要:Samsung has unveiled a radical 9.1-inch stretchable display.日前,三星发售了一款9.1英寸全新可前端的手机屏幕。


Samsung has unveiled a radical 9.1-inch stretchable display.日前,三星发售了一款9.1英寸全新可前端的手机屏幕。A flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen which could stretch in both direction by as much as 12 millimetres might spell out a new era in phone screen technology, the report says.报导称之为,这款柔性OLED屏幕两侧均可剪切最少12毫米,首创了手机屏幕技术的新纪元。Samsung says the stretchy screen will be useful for everything from wearables to in-car displays, and could also lead to a new generation of wearable devices that can be knocked or dropped and simply move back into place.据三星方面回应,这款可前端屏幕可以应用于到还包括可穿着设备和车载屏幕等许多领域,用于此种屏幕生产的可穿着设备需要抗震外用摔倒,甚至变形之后也能复原。

When the screen is pressed from above, the screen is dented like a rubber balloon, then returns to its original flat shape, the firm said.该公司回应:“从上往下按的时候,这块屏幕不会像橡皮气球一样向上凸起,手指拿进之后又不会恢复原状。”The Korean manufacturer revealed the panel at the Society for Information Display 2017 event in the LA Convention Centre, insiders say.据业内人回应,三星在近日于洛杉矶会展中心举办的2017SID大会上公布了该产品。

While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed - whether curved, bended or rolled - in both sides, above and below, Samsung told Korea Herald.三星向《韩国先驱报》透漏称之为:“目前的柔性OLED屏幕不能往一个方向变形,而这款可前端屏幕却可以在上下两个方向上变形--不管你是把它倾斜还是打卷。”Samsung is also exhibiting a 5.09-inch OLED with glassless stereoscopic 3D, and a new 1.96-inch 4K LCD whose ridiculously high 2,250 pixels per inch density could be ideal for virtual reality.此外,三星还将展出一款5.09英寸“无玻璃”立体3D OLED屏幕以及一款新型1.96英寸4K LCD屏幕,后者的像素密度超过了难以置信的每英寸2250,是理想的VR显示器。